[Techtalk] problems with X after installing Fedora Core 3

Darlene Wallach wallachd at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 18 18:58:25 EST 2005

I installed Fedora Core 3 to replace my
RedHat7.3 - Special thanks to Conor Daly
for his excellent instructions as to how
to boot from cdrom when my bios only
allows booting from ATAPI CDROM and I
have a SCSI CDROM.

However I'm having trouble with X -
it is very screwy:
- Application displays do not display
   correctly - they are mostly covered
   and hidden.
- It is very difficult to see what is
   displayed in terminal windows.
- It is impossible to edit files due
   to not being able to see the text
   in the file

Over the weekend someone downloaded
the 2.6.10 kernel source ran make
menuconfig built and installed the
2.6.10 kernel. That was working until
yesterday - I have been using up2date
to install updates and also have been
following instructions written by
Stanton Finley - Fedora Core 3 Installation
Notes revised 25 Jan 2005. I most recently
installed RealPlayer.

The problem is I don't know after which
install the problem with X started occuring

Since the 2.6.10 kernel installed over
the weekend was not an rpm the up2date won't
let me install the hal update. Nor will the
/etc/fstab list my cdrom.

I have downloaded the 2.6.10-1.766_FC3.src.rpm
and plan to build that after I verify I have
the correct commands for building the kernel.
I will probably use the config file from the
2.6.10 kernel built over the weekend for
make oldconfig.

If anyone has any suggestions as to where I
can look to find what is causing problems with
X and what I need to do to fix it, it would be
greatly appreciated.
It is very wierd typing this email as I can't
see the entire email - only a few lines
above what I'm typing.

Thank you,

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