[Techtalk] Evolution Connector

Dominik Schramm dominik.schramm at slivery.cotse.net
Thu Feb 17 09:54:20 EST 2005

Hi Katie,

Katie Bechtold <katie at katie-and-rob.org> writes:

> Have any of you gotten Evolution Connector working -- that is,
> successfully talking to an Exchange server?  If so, what linux
> distro were you using?

I'm using Debian Testing, and Evolution Connector works fine:
Evolution is package "evolution", and the connector package is called

I had to do some minor tweaks on the Exchange Server, though
(the IIS was "hardened" with the IIS LockDown tool); two I recall:
the WebDAV methods bcopy and bmove (or something similar) were not
allowed. Outlook Web Access doesn't need them, so I only noticed
when I tried Evolution. 


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