[Techtalk] Evolution Connector

Katie Bechtold katie at katie-and-rob.org
Thu Feb 17 02:46:20 EST 2005

Have any of you gotten Evolution Connector working -- that is,
successfully talking to an Exchange server?  If so, what linux
distro were you using?

I've tried setting it up in SuSE 9.2, in every configuration I could
conceive of, without success.  I got various error messages that I
googled, and I usually found other people at
http://forums.novell.com having the same problem but not finding a
solution.  My impression is that Connector has some problems under
SuSE.  I'm willing to install any distro on the target machine; my
most important requirement is getting Connector to work.  I'm not
looking for help with the specific problems I was having under SuSE,
but rather for the path of least resistance to a working setup,
starting from ground zero.

Katie Bechtold         http://katie-and-rob.org/

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