[Techtalk] Ideas for tech subjects for teens?

Megan Golding mgolding at sdf.lonestar.org
Tue Feb 15 04:00:35 EST 2005

On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 10:09:22AM -0800, jennyw wrote:
> One thing that hasn't been mentioned ... You might want to take a look
> at Squeak. It's a multi-media environment that kids can use to write
> games, simulations, etc. 

Thanks, Jen, for the pointer to Squeak. I'm looking into it now.
Anyone on the list ever use Squeak care to offer up opinions of 
their experience?

I have a bunch of students interested in game design (of the XBox
and Nintendo variety). Squeak may fill a void I currently have
in the software toolbox. 

I'll look into your links on programming.

> A lot of people mentioned HTML -- if you teach this, it might be good to 
> talk about the semantic Web and accessibility issues.

Yes! I do all HTML teaching in a text editor. The kids learn proper
markup. I also work with the W3 HTML validator. 

> I have a friend who teaches science to various kids in various grades 
> and she's included alternative energy subjects  -- you can learn a lot 
> about science and get something practical, too, by learning how to heat 
> water and generate electicity from solar power. Composting with worms 
> might be fun, too, although that's getting way off computers ...

That's the beauty of teaching "Technology". I'm allowed to veer from
computers for some of my classes. Exploring the connection between
other academic subjects and technology is a major technique of mine.
I figure most of these students will go into careers that *use* 
computers, not develop them.

Thanks, Jen. And to everyone else who's contributed.

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