[Techtalk] Need help with arkeia light

Lucky Lady needlesschatter at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 04:18:12 EST 2005


Now that fedora is working, I've installed the arkeia
light (5.2.24) backup software. I've set up my weekly
and daily pools per their manual. I have a weekly
backup scheduled for every Monday and daily backups
scheduled for Tuesday through Friday. My problem:
Arkeia will only accept the tape labeled "Daily 5" for
the daily backup. Per the suggestion of the arkeia
support mailing list, I used the command "perl -e '
print " " x5000 ' > /dev/st0" to remove the tape's
label in order to re-label it "Daily 5". This does not

Does anyone have experience with arkeia? Any and all
suggestions will appreciated.



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