[Techtalk] converting microsoft .pst files to unix maildir format

Devdas Bhagat devdas at dvb.homelinux.org
Mon Apr 11 03:35:21 EST 2005

On 10/04/05 12:22 -0400, Angelina Carlton wrote:
> Hello, 
> I need to get Outlook 2000 emails, stored in a .pst format
> copied over to a Debian computer using mutt and the maildir format.

Setup an IMAP server. Courier/Dovecot/BinC IMAP support maildir natively, 
so preferably use one of those. Create IMAP account in  Outlook. Copy mails 
to IMAP.

I can't recall offhand if Outlook 2000 supports IMAP though.

Devdas Bhagat

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