[Techtalk] converting microsoft .pst files to unix maildir format

Angelina Carlton brat at magma.ca
Mon Apr 11 02:22:39 EST 2005


I need to get Outlook 2000 emails, stored in a .pst format
copied over to a Debian computer using mutt and the maildir format.

I did this several years ago but neglected to add it to my howto files
and now cant find the forum or mailing list that told me how to do
it. (this time I will take notes)

I seem to recall though several steps, export Outlook .pst into
Outlook-express, export outlook express into mozilla mail (i think)
and then some steps to copy the moz mail into linux and finally into 

If anyone has some info on how to do this I'd love to know!

Angelina Carlton

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