[Techtalk] Politeness and the purpose of Techtalk

Carla Schroder carla at bratgrrl.com
Sun Oct 31 03:42:57 EST 2004

On Saturday 30 October 2004 2:56 am, gebhard dettmar wrote:
> > At the same time, I can see that it is just possible that there might
> > be a few female LinuxChix subscribers who actually do not like having
> > answers from males, however well-intentioned.  If that is the case
> > then, in order to be true to the original purpose of LinuxChix, you
> > might just have to ban males from answering queries.  If that is the
> > case, it's a shame, but so be it.  But perhaps we could still be
> > allowed to ask questions?
> Hmm. I don't know if this was a good solution. It would mean something
> like: We're not complete Neanderthals (we're still allowed to post
> questions)
> but we're not fully civilized human beings (we're not allowed to answer
> questions). If females on this list wouldn't appreciate receiving answers
> from males the only proper solution was IMHO making it women-only.
> > David
> Gebhard

Nobody has suggested a ban on men answering queries. Only David mentioned it.

This discussion was moved to grrltalk, which is open to everyone, but since 
everyone did not follow it there, I shall re-post this:

"Linuxchix is a very special place, for sure! But we do need to keep in mind 
the primary purpose of Linuxchix, which is creating a safe, welcoming tech 
community for women."

That's the overriding goal here. And please, anyone who feels like responding 
with a "yes but", first read the grrltalk archives, because the discussion 
there is more complete than it is here. 

And it might be good to re-read Val's original post on Oct 27, 'Politeness and 
the purpose of Techtalk,' which started this whole discussion.

Carla Schroder
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