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Teri Solow imparted (2004-10-12 @ 16:56:57 -0400):
> Recently, my blog has begun getting inundated with comment spam.  I've
> poked around a bit, trying to research the best way to counteract
> this,
> but it doesn't seem like an easy thing to do.  Hence, I was wondering
> if
> anyone else could offer any experience/opinions on the matter.

So, several millenia (at least) have passed since I asked this question,
and I haven/t responded to let everyone know how I'm doing with it.

Well, there's a very good reason for that- I haven't done anything yet.

I haven't gotten any comment spam since I asked my question, so my fury
as fizzled a bit.  I am pretty sure though that it will one day become a
problem again.  If and when that day arrives, I think the solution I
will use (as it requires the least maitenance on my part and would
therefore be better for other users) will be parsing the MT blacklist
(http://www.jayallen.org/comment_spam/blacklist.txt) like Laurel suggested.

Anyway, that's about it.  Just wanted to let everyone know where I

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