[Techtalk] multiplexing kb/mouse/monitor simultaniously

Conor Daly c.daly at met.ie
Fri Oct 22 19:20:13 EST 2004

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 04:08:13PM +1000 or thereabouts, Karina wrote:
> hello all,
> I have another thought and I was wondering if anyone know if this is 
> available and if so where can I start to look.
> I want to setup 5 monitor's 5 key boards, and 5 mouse"mice" to one Linux 
> box and each setup to be independent of eachother.
> in essence 1 computer has 5 independent i/o signals that a user can then 
> control.

This depends on budget I reckon.  Given that you plan to buy (or have you
old ones?) monitors etc, it might be worth buying winterms and do XDMCP
sharing.  Wyse do linux based winterms which can run either with X and
enlightenment with local browser (netscape 4.7 IIRC) or as a full XDMCP
client connecting to your linux box.  Their 5000 series includes linux-based
versions and cost in the region of $300-$500 depending.
OTOH, if you don't have a budget (and don't want to recycle older machines
using LTSP), there may be possibilities via USB or serial ports.  I don't
know where to start looking for these though...

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