[Techtalk] slooow web surfing and many timeouts

Miriam Ruiz little_miry at yahoo.es
Mon Oct 11 13:59:25 EST 2004

> I don't know if it applies with DSL, but when we
> find that netsurfing is
> getting seriously boggy with cablemodem, we reboot
> both the cable modem and
> the internal house network router, and that
> generally cleans it up.
> Connection quality seems to tend to degrade over
> time for some reason I've
> never explored, and rebooting gets you back to
> square one.
> --pig

I have a cablemodem too, and I experience the same
problem as you. All they could tell me from technical
assistance was to repeat the same operation you
mentioned. I haven't investigated deeper on it yet.


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