[Techtalk] Monitoring Programs

Travis Casey efindel at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 18:16:47 EST 2004

On Thursday 07 October 2004 05:12, Phil Savoie wrote:

> Would like to know if there are monitoring programs that monitor the
> following: server processes, memory, bandwidth, routers,
> servers, hosts.
> What do you use for this?

Lots of them.  What do you want it to do?  For example, there are monitoring 
programs that sit in the corner of the screen of the workstation you're on 
and show you a graph of stuff about it, and ones that are meant to monitor 
a bunch of servers and send you email if something goes wrong with one of 
them.  And there's lots of things "in between".

For the first kind of thing, I currently use ksysmon and knetload, since I 
use KDE for my desktop.  In the past, I've used GKrellM and Xsysinfo.  
Xsysinfo can show you multiple servers; I think GKrellM can as well.

For the second sort, I use mon at work.  I like mon because its "monitors" 
are actually separate programs -- most of them are Perl scripts -- and with 
a little knowledge of Perl or shell scripting (or, heck, pretty much any 
other computer language) you can easily create your own monitors or modify 
the existing ones.

I believe ksysmon is a standard part of KDE.

knetload:  http://flameeyes.web.ctonet.it/kdeapps.html#knetload

GKrellM:  http://www.gkrellm.net

I can't find a current real "home" for Xsysinfo, but here's a page with a 
bunch of different packages of it: 


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