[Techtalk] Monitoring Programs

kim kim42 at inode.at
Thu Oct 7 16:29:10 EST 2004

Well, nagios is a good shot at monitoring all server prozesses, what ever
you like: server processes, memory, routers, servers, hosts......., you
can monitor everything except bandwitdth (i think) , but you should have a
good knowledge of snmp - nagios sends alerts to inform you of all types of
warnings and critical situations of your services that you configured! but
it can get quite complicated the more you want it to do, the complicated
it get's but that's my opinion.

about bandwidth i would say nettoll it'S pretty nice but it's not gpl yet.
the question is, if you only have 1 host or if you want to monitor a
network, and what exacly you want to know about the bandwidth!
for example: nstats: nstats is a collection of utilities to monitor and
analyse your network. It includes a bandwidth monitor, a connection
monitor, and tools to analyse network traffic and break it down to get
various statistics.

which quite has every thing you will need, allthough i like nettoll a
little more! :)


Hi All,
> Would like to know if there are monitoring programs that monitor the
> following: server processes, memory, bandwidth, routers,
> servers, hosts.
> What do you use for this?
> Thank you ,
> Phil
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