[Techtalk] Nforce A7N8X motherboard forgets clock multiplier on reboot

Rudy Zijlstra rudy at edsons.demon.nl
Sun Dec 5 22:36:26 EST 2004

Mary wrote:

>I'm probably not, but some of the google hits for the error message show
>that BIOS upgrades cause exactly the same problem and that questions
>about it have a lot of "HAHAHA you upgraded the BIOS, that's what
>happens" responses, so I'm leery of trying it.
Just taken a look at the BIOS download page at 
What i notice is that the A7N8X has had several PCB versions (so HW bugs 
have been solved) and the BIOS is NOT the same for all PCB revisions.
Might be interesting to check PCB revision level agains BIOS revision 
and upgrade to the latest BIOS for you PCB revision.

PCB revision is noted on the PCB itself. You will not find it in SW, nor 
in a manual.

Tiera's comment about PSU is a very valid one. If the PSU is way off, 
you can go into the HW monitoring section of the BIOS and take a look at 
the readings there. If one the power levels is more than 10% off, 
replace the PSU for certain. If its not that far off, replacement may 
still work. (measurement at BIOS time is basically with an "idling" 
system, meaning not under full load. Under full load the PSU may not 
hold up)

A different way to take a look at this is to install lm-sensors 
(http://www2.lm-sensors.nu/~lm78/) which may give you
- insight into voltage levels during use
- an idea of temperature during use (and thus a better view on overheating)

Especially the temp side of things is somewhat of an estimate though. It 
hugely depends on the location of the sensors how correct the readings are.

Good Luck.


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