[Techtalk] Nforce A7N8X boot problem

Maria Pinjanainen maria.pinjanainen at abo.fi
Sun Dec 5 03:17:17 EST 2004

ed orphan wrote:

>Almost every time I try to boot this Nforce A7N8X
>it stalls after doing the memory check and finding
>the drives. The screen just sits there, until I press
>DEL and then it gos into the BIOS. I do nothing to the BIOS.
>All I do is an Exit and Save, then the system goes
>back to square one, checks the memory and discovers
>the drives, and boots to the Grub bootmanager screen.
>I've got 3 distros installed. After that everything seems
>to be OK.  But this boot problem is very irritating.
>I'm tired of having to see the BIOS every time I boot.
>Then, once every 3 or 4 boots, the system does a normal
>boot, just to remind me of what I'm missing.
>Could it be the motherboard battery? I'm nervous about
>changing it and maybe loosing some info I don't even
>know about and can't replace.
> I will never buy an Asus Nforce product again.
It may be the battery, buggy BIOS, do not belive. You can write down all 
setups u have and replace the battery.

It may be (only maby) the "famous electrolytic capacitor fault", (one 
big mistake with them which can do strange things. -They may break down 
slowly, or not). I suggest that, if you have warranty, try to use it.


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