[Techtalk] Cross platform Open-Source Accounting Package?

MMP - Barb Fox mmp_fox at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 4 11:40:59 EST 2004

I hope you find suitable software.

If you don't, I wonder if you could maybe
use qemu to create a virtual machine on the non-native operating system.
I just started playing with qemu (sort of like an open source VMWare). It
runs applications about 2 to 4 times slower than if they were running
native, but for an accounting system that isn't a heavy graphics application
it might be acceptable. Creating the initial virtual machine might be
a little too techie for newbies, but after that it's a piece of cake.


Barb Fox
mmp_fox at bellsouth.net

At 10:33 AM 12/4/2004 +1100, you wrote:
>This may be wishful thinking, but does anyone know of a cross-platform
>open-source accounting system that runs on Windows and Linux (and ideally OS
>X too) and is NOT web based?  It must be easy to install and use, and have at
>least some ability to deal with GST (since I'm in Australia).
>I am involved with a couple of non-profit organisations, and it would be good
>for home use too.
>Most of the open-source accounting systems I've found so far are web-based
>(making it harder to set up on Windows) or run either Linux or Windows, but
>not generally both.

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