[Techtalk] Opera Help with Replies

TechChiq techchiq at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 31 21:30:43 EST 2003

I keep forgetting to make all my replies to people on the list to 
"techtalk at linuxchix.org". Seems that for some reason I can never ever 
remember that. :( I wish there was a way in Opera to "reply to list"? 
Anyone got any ideas to make this easier to remember? I've been 
accidentally emailing nearly every post I make to the authors and not the 
list. It's frustrating. :(

I've noticed, I'm on the kde-linux list too and when I reply to a post it 
automatically will put the kde-linux address (not the original author) in 
the TO field. Why does it do that for that list and not this one? I'm 
curious on how to set this up so I can do this without inconveniencing 


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