[Techtalk] SUCCESS! In CD-RW Problem - sorta

TechChiq techchiq at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 31 12:56:15 EST 2003

Well, I did get a couple files off the CD-RW. I think I lost all my 
pictures though. I got one rainbow one and it shows up as a thumbnail when 
copied but only the top bit when viewed in an image viewer. :( All my 
pansy pictures are gone (and they were good ones too), and all my 
boyfriend's photos are gone (again). I did get some other important data 
 from the CD at least.

What I did was write tarballs to the CD. So I opened them in Konqueror and 
salvaged what I could. Looks very much to me like the disc is bad. :(

I'm pretty ticked. No more CD-RWs for me. We have a kazillion CD-Rs so I 
should use them instead. And get a newer RW drive (this time I'll save up 
for a DVD-RW type that does CDs as well - suggestions are welcome but I'm 
on a very limited income so it has to be affordable. :)

I'm saving the old disc anyway, just in case I can read it with another 
drive at a later time. I'm glad at least my CD-Rs work ok.


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