[Techtalk] Web page downloads with null characters

John Clarke johnc+linuxchix at kirriwa.net
Thu Oct 23 19:06:04 EST 2003

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 09:26:15 +0100, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 10:17:56AM +1000 or thereabouts, John Clarke wrote:

> > it's starting to sound like a locale/charset problem.  what's your $LANG
> > and $SUPPORTED?.  on my rh7.3 machine (the one i use most) i have:
> I didn't even know about SUPPORTED. Where's that from? What sets it?

it's in /etc/sysconfig/i18n in rh7.3 and rh9.  it's not there in the
only rh7.0 box i have left, so i'd guess that it was introduced after

> > if your $LANG includes utf-8, can you try changing it to see if it makes
> > a difference?
> Not without restarting a whole pile of things I need open. But yes,

my question was directed at hamster - the poster i was replying to :-)
you should be able to do it by starting your browser with, for example:

    [johnc at dropbear ~]$ LANG=en_AU galeon &
so you don't have to restart anything else, unless it's the browser
that you need to keep open :-)

> I think it's a charset/locale/font thing. I didn't realise you were
> not using UTF-8. I assumed that as you were on RH, you were using
> it. What does it break, in your experience? 

perl, and i've found a reference to broken man pages on one of the rh
lists.  there may be others.  i'm using rh7.3 here though - it's my
mail/web server that's rh9.

> Is there anything else that you have found it breaks? I need UTF-8

once i figured out why perl was broken, i removed utf-8 from $lANG so i
haven't seen any other broken apps.

> I am avoiding trying to _explain_ any of this because I really
> don't understand it well. There seem to be very few docs which

i don't really either.  it's one of those things that i ignore as long
as it works.  when i found it broken, a quick google search gave me the
solution so i didn't bother to look any deeper.  i probably should one
day, but there's too many other things ahead of this in the queue that
it's unlikely to get a look in for a very long time.

> written it already: writing docs is a great way to learn more or
> to realise you don't know enough yet!



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