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Barb Fox mmp_fox at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 22 07:49:55 EST 2003


This doesn't answer your question directly, but make sure he knows
about man -k.  Do a makewhatis one time (to set up db)   To look up
commands that have to do with quotas:   man -k quota

I teach a lot of introductory UNIX courses and this helps gets the
students pointed in the right direction.


>Someone in my lab is looking for what he calls "the web page to replace
>Mary". What he seems to mean by this is a reasonably comprehensive guide
>to the names of command line utilities. Anyone know of a page that could
>fill this role?
>What he seems to want:
>  - a page of commands ordered by task somehow ("Commands to archive
>    files: tar; commands to compress files: compress, gzip, bzip2;
>    commands to check disk usage: df;")
>What I'm pretty sure he doesn't want:
>  - a simple introduction to the really basic command line file
>    manipulation stuff (ls, mv, cp, rm)
>  - man pages (they don't tell you the name of the command, they tell you
>    how to use it when you know it)
>  - a introduction to or tutorial on shell scripting
>My Google searches kept turning up pages in the three "undesirable"
>categories, and the LDP seems to only have "simple intro to the basics"
>and "shell scripting" guides.
>Has anyone got any good URLs that they recommend for someone who knows
>their command line basics but has no way of finding out the range of
>command line utilities that are available?
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