[Techtalk] Any OpenOffice pros?

Dan Richter daniel.richter at wimba.com
Wed Oct 22 09:56:43 EST 2003

 >>Second, does anyone know how to automatically generate a
 >>table of contents?
 > That is the most coolest feature! :) You can create alphabetical indexes
 > and table of contents pages by going into the Insert Menu, then into the
 > Indexes/Tables menu and then select Indexes and Tables.

Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.

>>First, does anyone know 
>>how to set up OOW in an outline fashion, with titles and subtitles? 
> That, I'm afraid, is something I too am trying to figure out.

You helped me find the answer to that too. You can set the title to 
"Title 1", "Title 2", etc. using Format->Styles->Catalog, select the 
style you want and hit OK. The text will become that style (I didn't 
find that very intuitive). After that you can select the style from the 
little "combo box" (pull-down menu box) usually located next to the font 

P.S. - it seems to me that you must have already understood that, since 
I can't understand how a table of contents would work without title and 
subtitle headings. So I guess you I didn't properly explain what I was 
looking for. Anyway, it's taken care of now, so thanks!

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