[Techtalk] Web page downloads with null characters

Brenda Bell k15a-list-linuxchix at theotherbell.com
Tue Oct 21 15:57:22 EST 2003

Quoting Hamster <hamster at hamsternet.org>:

> This is my guess. The page I see is unicode - two bytes for each char,
> hence the square. The XML page is declared as iso-8859-1, but I'm
> wondering
> if something screwy is happening in the conversion from xml -> html
> I'm just guessing though... if someone else comes up with a different
> theory, believe them :-)

Not only is it unicode -- it's unicode big endian (the bytes are flipped).
 Furthermore, it's missing the FFFE (or FEFF) that should be at the
beginning of the file to identify it as such.

In the case of IE, my assumption is that they're making an educated guess
and rendering the file correctly.


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