[Techtalk] a working MTA...a SIMPLE one!

Staci scorcora at wisc.edu
Tue Oct 21 08:23:15 EST 2003

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Brenda Bell wrote:

> Yes, it's a work-around.  I may have misunderstood the original question...
> but what I thought the poster was trying to do was retrieve email from a
> university mailbox and simply forward it somehow to an ISP mailbox.  MTA's

You did misinterpret, actually.
I'm trying to retrieve email from a university mailbox and forward it to my LOCAL
The university is really only involved in my headers, and sending outgoing emails.

>  usually have more sophisticated functionality that's not necessarily
> required in this particular case.

Right on the mark there! :)

The nc proxy seemed to fit the poster's
> request for a "simple" solution.

except i didn't see how it would work...


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