[Techtalk] Brand New Install - Firewall thoughts?

P Casper sylph at cyber-dyne.com
Fri Oct 17 16:12:28 EST 2003

I've just replaced my Mandrake system with a Debian Woody system running
kernel 2.4.18

I haven't finished setting up my internet connection, but I'm trying to
address some security before I even complete that, or at least roughly at
the same time.

Reading through a basic security HOWTO, which covers some basics about

Question is:  should I be setting up iptables from scratch, should I expect
to use iptables, but use another front-end program or webpage to set it up,
or should I be looking at a completly different firewall.

I have a stand-alone system running off of dial-up, so I don't expect much
traffic. Still, better safe than sorry, right?

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