[Techtalk] Looking for Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS 4.1.4) install media

caitlyn at mizuhoradio.com caitlyn at mizuhoradio.com
Mon Oct 13 12:07:27 EST 2003

Hi, everyone,

Yes, I'm serious.  I'm stuck supporting some legacy Solaris 1.1.2 (SunOS
4.1.4) boxen at work.  There are six of them -- one sever and five
workstations -- and they are actually considered important.  Argh!

Anyway, I have CDs for everything except the actual OS.  If something
happens to one of these boxen...

Anyone have Solaris 1.1.2 media they can spare?  I can even send a few
shekels if that's what it takes.

Oh, and yes, I've tried eBay.  It's too old even for them :(


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