[Techtalk] KMail still bugging me

Liz Young liz at kandew.net
Sat Oct 11 19:58:12 EST 2003

Hi Doc,

On Saturday 11 October 2003 05:59 am, Doc Nielsen wrote:
> No dice... now kmail downloads the URL and the LOCAL file is sent to
> opera I clicked on
> http://mailman.linuxchix.org/mailman/listinfo/techtalk KMail
> downloaded it, and opened this
> file://localhost/home/doc/.kde/share/apps/kfmexec/tmp/15005.0.techtalk

I had the same problem with Galeon on KDE (using Kmail 1.5.2 now).  I 
think that's either the wrong execute string, or embedded viewer option 
in the HTML file association settings.

For the execute string, open the HTML File Association, select Opera, 
click the Edit button, and select the Execute tab.  The execute string 
should look something like "/usr/bin/opera %u" without the quotes.

I tested Opera as the top HTML handler with either "Show file in 
embedded viewer", or the "Use settings for 'text' group" selected on 
the Embedding tab.  KHTML is listed as the top Service Preference 
Order.  Either works fine as long as %u is in the execute string.

> so replacing konqueror with a link to opera is obviously not an
> option. Besides, apt-get would overwrite it during an update.

Do you mean when you update KDE?  It won't overwrite the Opera settings, 
but it may move Konqi back to the top of the list.  I still have the 
same Galeon settings, and I recently dist-upgraded to KDE3.1.3.  I can 
still move Galeon or Opera to the top spot and Kmail opens the URL with 
whatever's on top.  Another reason to love Debian :-)

> I need kmail to send the URL to opera, not the filname to the locally
> downloaded/cached file.
> I would like KMail to send all HTTP/FTP urls to opera, and let is
> handle how its opened/saved etc... like KNode can.

Okay, [what Robyn wrote] should work as long as you have the correct 
File Association settings -- except I just hit apply, didn't need to 
restart KDE.

> On Saturday 11 October 2003 14:09, Robyn Manning wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > What I've done before with KDE is open up the KDE Control Centre
> > and go to File Associations -> text -> html and either Add.. or
> > Move Up the relevant browser to the top of the list, then Apply and
> > restart KDE.
> >
> > Robyn

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