[Techtalk] CD-ROM drive

Rudy L. Zijlstra rudy at edsons.demon.nl
Fri Oct 10 09:54:32 EST 2003

Hanlie Pretorius wrote:

>I've cleaned the drive with those special CDs but that didn't help.
>Our PC Support people tell me that I should just have it replaced
>because drives are so cheap. I thought that I'd try to get some informed
>(!) help before I do that.
Sounds like good advice. If those PC support people are independent from 
a shop, its likely the advice is neutral. And depending on the size of 
your company/work place, they tend to see a lot.

>Does anyone have any suggestions? And how do I get to the BIOS before
>GRUB takes over?
Depends on the system/BIOS you have. The most used seems to be to hit 
the del key during memory test. The second seems to use the F2 key for 
this purpose.

Good Luck,


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