[Techtalk] CD-ROM drive

Hanlie Pretorius hpretorius at pnp.co.za
Fri Oct 10 08:56:38 EST 2003


I've a dualboot system (RH8 and Win 2000 with GRUB).

Lately my CD-ROM drive has started behaving erraticaly - sometimes the
operating systems pick it up, other times they don't. The only
repeatable error that I've been able to identify is that, if I leave a
CD in there and I reboot, the drive is not picked up. The drive also
seems to have slowed down a bit, that is, it takes longer before it
comes up with the contents of a CD.

I've cleaned the drive with those special CDs but that didn't help.

Our PC Support people tell me that I should just have it replaced
because drives are so cheap. I thought that I'd try to get some informed
(!) help before I do that.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And how do I get to the BIOS before
GRUB takes over?


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