[Techtalk] A dell latitude, some advice.

Stratis Aftousmis stratus at ccsi.com
Thu Oct 9 20:27:06 EST 2003

My neighboor has givin me a chance to buy a pentium 3 dell latitude. I
have it here at my house, beside my desktop. He want's to sell it to me
for $200.00.
Right off the bat i noticed that the CDROM make's strange noise's, i took
the disk out, moved the "disk spinner" and it feel's loose. The Hard drive
also make a noise when it think's. Couple of question's:

He's got fedora Linux on it, how will slack take to it?

Am i getting a good deal?

Any advice from the master's would be appreaciated!

Thank you!


stratus at ccsi.com

"What is complex to one, is not to another."
~In the beginning there was the command line: by Neal Stephenson

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