[Techtalk] Best router or router/AP fpr VPN pass-through?

Rudy L. Zijlstra rudy at edsons.demon.nl
Wed Oct 8 22:21:08 EST 2003

Tammy Cravit wrote:

> I know this isn't technically a Linux question (since right now the 
> box I need to get working is a WinXP laptop), but I'm hoping some of 
> the collective expertise of the list might be able to help me out.
> I have a client who's asked me to set up VPN access to his network for 
> some development work I'm doing. (On XP, this is evidently done with 
> some abomination of a kludge called an IPsec policy or somesuch)...the 
> problem is, my router, a Netgear MA801, doesn't seem to support VPN 
> pass-through connections, so I can't actually connect to his network. 
> I'm pretty well at the point where I think I'm going need a new router 
> that really supports this nonsense, so...any recommendations or words 
> of wisdom that anyone has would be most appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Tammy
I've tried to find that model on the Netgear website without luck.

What you need to do is enable routing of UDP port 500 (Ike) and protocol 
50 (esp).

Good luck,


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