[Techtalk] Modem Problem in RH 9

Patricia Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Mon Oct 6 07:54:59 EST 2003

Hi Mohammad,

> When I dail with kppp dialer my modem disconnect after 30 sec and
> show error messages which i mentioned in my previous email. and when
> i dial from wvdial the same problem i found.

Could you check a couple of things please? The error messages you are 
getting are coming from pppd, which is called by both those dialler 

First, could you check the output of "ls -al /usr/sbin/pppd"? If pppd is 
kept in a different place on RH9, try locate or slocate to find it. 

Second, could you check the contents of your /etc/ppp/options file? 


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