[Techtalk] KDE, Konqueror and man pages

Hamster hamster at hamsternet.org
Sat Oct 4 13:53:53 EST 2003

Liz and Kathryn,

Thanks for your replies on this.

I've been looking for man to html converters for a day or so now, and have
come across three programmes, man2html, rman (also called polyglot man)  and

I wasn't particularly happy with the output from any one of them, yet the
output from konqi was just spot on. 

The interesting thing is, is that the output from the programme man2html is
quite different from the html that konqi produces, hence my question if
anyone knows just what it is that konqi uses.

Thanks again though! I guess I'll have to keep playing. As a last resort I
can get konqi to display the man page and just do a view source and copy


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