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Kristen Grubb grubbysluggo at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 2 20:25:43 EST 2003

> According to Websters new collegiate dictionary,
> 1980:
> cited: Latin: citare - to put in motion, rouse,
> summon. 1: to call upon 
> officially or authoritatively to appear (as before a
> court) 2: to quote 
> by way of example, authority or proof. 3a: to refer
> to; esp: to mention 
> formally in commendation or praise 3b: to name in a
> citation 4: to bring 
> forward or call to another's attention esp. as an
> example, proof, or 
> precedent.
> sight: 1: to get or catch sight of <several whales
> were sighted> 2: to 
> look at through or as if through a sight; esp: to
> test for straightness 
> 3: to aim by means of sights 4a: to equip with
> sights 4b: to adjust the 
> sights of
> site vt sited; siting: to place on a site or on a
> position: LOCATE
> Up to the author to decide between cited (meaning 4)
> or sighted (meaning 
> 1). sited seems off. My vote goes to sighted.

Well everyone, after reviewing all of the options, I
chose sighted because I meant that the programmers
"viewed/saw" the bugs and fixed them or reported them.
Sited was definitely wrong and cited didn't seem quite
right either.  So, for now anyway, the word is
sighted.  I may just change the entire sentence in
order to alleviate any questions about my meaning :). 
Thanks for the input.


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