[Techtalk] Re: Linux Paper

Rudy L. Zijlstra rudy at edsons.demon.nl
Thu Oct 2 23:53:28 EST 2003

Alvin Goats wrote:

>>>Any bugs or holes in the program are usually sited shortly after it is 
>>I think you mean sighted (as in seen or spotted) rather than sited (placed on site). 
>Technically, "CITED" would be the correct spelling of the word. 
According to Websters new collegiate dictionary, 1980:
cited: Latin: citare - to put in motion, rouse, summon. 1: to call upon 
officially or authoritatively to appear (as before a court) 2: to quote 
by way of example, authority or proof. 3a: to refer to; esp: to mention 
formally in commendation or praise 3b: to name in a citation 4: to bring 
forward or call to another's attention esp. as an example, proof, or 

sight: 1: to get or catch sight of <several whales were sighted> 2: to 
look at through or as if through a sight; esp: to test for straightness 
3: to aim by means of sights 4a: to equip with sights 4b: to adjust the 
sights of

site vt sited; siting: to place on a site or on a position: LOCATE

Up to the author to decide between cited (meaning 4) or sighted (meaning 
1). sited seems off. My vote goes to sighted.

Going from the Oxford Advanced Dictionary of Current English, edition 
1974, the only choice is sighted. Texts, especially of sight, to long to 
type in.



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