[Techtalk] Dancing the samba: domain not available

Kathy Wills kathywills at kathywillsfamily.com
Wed Oct 1 06:43:18 EST 2003

Schanulleke wrote:

>Here is my (stripped) smb.conf.
>netbios name=jail
>server string=Samba
>encrypt passwords=yes
>domain logons=yes
>domain admin group=@admins
>domain master=yes
>guest account=smbguest
>log level=2
>log file= /var/log/samba.log
>os level=99
>preferred master=yes
>wins support=true
>logon script=logon.bat
>read only=yes
>write list=@admins

Here is the site that I found most helpful when I was setting up Samba 
for my little home network,  http://www.samba.netfirms.com/index.htm . I 
was looking through some of the Samba documentation yesterday. There is 
one problem I see with your configuration.  It should be wins support = 
yes where you have wins support=true.

Kathy Wills

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