[Techtalk] Dancing the samba: domain not available

Schanulleke koekjes_trommel at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 1 12:35:12 EST 2003

Dear fellow members,

I am quite new to this list. I replied several times a couple of weeks ago
and now I think I am allowed to ask a question myself :-)

I recently installed Samba on a Redhat 9.0 machine, as a PDC, to serve
Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients. And created user and machineaccounts
according to the howto's.

I am able to join my domain with the clients (I use the root credentials to
switch from workgroup to domain). However, when I restart the client and I
try to logon to the domain, it says that the domain is not available. I can
'see' the Samba server fine (using nslookup and pinging).

Here is my (stripped) smb.conf.
netbios name=jail
server string=Samba
encrypt passwords=yes
domain logons=yes
domain admin group=@admins
domain master=yes
guest account=smbguest
log level=2
log file= /var/log/samba.log
os level=99
preferred master=yes
wins support=true

logon script=logon.bat
read only=yes
write list=@admins

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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