[Techtalk] Trying to patch the kernel...

Sara saracasan at yahoo.es
Sat May 31 19:59:17 EST 2003

I tryiing to apply an ACPI pacth to my kernel, but I not going too far :(." 
I've been reading some doc (including the linuxchix course on kernel hacking) 
but ...

I've done already "patch ...." and I think that's OK. But I'm trying now to 
configure the kernel, so I've tried   "make menuconfig" and "make xconfig" in 
my /usr/src/linux directory, but that gives me the error: "make: *** No rule 
to make target `config'.  Stop." Same with xconfig. 

What I'm doing wrong? (Maybe the question would be if I'm doing something 
right ;))

The contents of my linux directory are: Documentation  include 
(in case that info could be useful)

I'm not suprised at the error, because there is no file to make, but in all 
the doc I've read it says to do make in this directory. Is some file missing? 
Have I misread something?

I'm quite a newbie, as I guess tou can gues... :)

Thanks in advance,


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