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If you're familiar with Sourceforge, you should check out gforge.org.  It
provides several key features you're looking for.

1. Discussion Forums
2. Bug Tracking
3. Task Tracking
4. Support Requests
5. Documentation
6. File Release Management
7. CVS Repository Browser

One of the original developers from Sourceforge has branched off and started
GForge to keep it open source.  The team has added some really nice
functionality for project management as well.  I had previously used an
older version of Sourceforge internally and found it to be an excellent tool
to keep all aspects of the project visible to everyone involved.

I'm currently implementing an install of GForge for use with my clients.
We're several thousand miles and a couple of time zones apart.  They're also
totally unfamiliar with the software development process.  GForge does a
good job of providing a buffer between the developer and the client,
especially in terms of the questions a customer asks daily like: How far
along is...?  Have you fixed...?  Is there a spec for...?

Hope this helps...

William D. 'Diggy' Bell
DB Software Development

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> Can someone give me a pointer to software/
> utilities that would assist in collaborating
> between numerous people on a project?
> For example, I'm in the process of working
> on a website. I have outsourced the coding
> to the programmer, and currently communicate
> between the website client and the programmer.
> However, we are about to begin work on a
> much larger project than the small one we are
> currently working on, and passing on every
> communication from client to programmer is
> going to become annoying and time-consuming.
> In addition, we may add another person to the
> project.
> I'm thinking it would be great if we could share
> comments/thoughts/suggestions/changes
> without leaving anyone out of the loop.
> Any ideas/suggestions on how to go about this?
> Thanks,
> Walt
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