[Techtalk] mail problems with Red Hat 9

Katie Bechtold katie at katie-and-rob.org
Tue May 13 22:16:03 EST 2003

I must be asking for it... I upgraded my desktop machine from Red
Hat 7.2 to 9 yesterday.  The brief version of my problem is that
mutt no longer sees mail in my spoolfile, even though it has no
problem seeing mail in my other mailboxes (in ~/Mail).

When I upgraded at first, it seemed that sendmail wasn't working.
When I looked in /usr/sbin, I saw that there was no sendmail, only
sendmail.sendmail.  I re-installed sendmail, which created a link
/usr/sbin/sendmail -> /etc/alternatives/mta.  This gives me no
problems running the sendmail daemon or sending mail.

In order to check my mail with fetchmail and deliver it to localhost
-- as I had been doing before the upgrade -- I needed to use the 
"--mda=/usr/bin/procmail" command-line option with fetchmail, which
I hadn't used before, but things seem to work with this option. (I
got the idea from

Now, when I do a "tail -f /var/mail/katie", I can see incoming mail
with no problem.  The things that are filtered to other mailboxes by
procmail appear in the right places, and mutt notifies me with the 
usual nice message, like "New mail in IN.cert".  But for the new
mail in /var/mail/katie (which is linked to by ~/Mail/IN.spool and
should be checked by mutt due to the mailboxes `echo
$HOME/Mail/IN.*` statement in my .muttrc), i.e., the ones that
aren't saved elsewhere by procmail rules, mutt gives me the status
line "Mailbox was externally modified.  Flags my be wrong." when
they come in, and the new messages do not appear in mutt at all, 
even after I restart mutt.

Any ideas?

Katie Bechtold         http://katie-and-rob.org/


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