[Techtalk] Dell Laptop poor fonts in Mandrake 9.1

Rajkumar rajkumar at toughguy.net
Mon May 5 12:38:04 EST 2003

A couple of days ago, I helped to install Mandrake Linux 9.1 on a Dell
Laptop with following configuration -
Dell Latitude CPi D300XT P-II with NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD (NM2160)
chipset , 128 MB RAM , 6 GB HDD and PCMCIA card.

Te entire installation went off very well but I was not able to get good
fonts in either KDE or Gnome. Anti-alaising is ticked in the correct
places, I have verified.

On investigation with Google I found that there is a very good site on
linux-on-laptops.net which has an example of a similar laptop with
Debian installed. It mentions that an edited XF86Config file with
Fontpath...etc .  However I have still not been able to correct the poor
fonts even though I get all the fonts in the Apps.

I believe that the NeoMagic graphics card is the problem since I have
another Dell laptop 366 Mhz with NeoMagic 2200 and Mandrake Linux looks
great by default on that one.

Any suggestions ?



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