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Sat Jun 28 13:18:39 EST 2003

i'd love it... would be absolutely ideal! great stuff...


Meredydd wroted:
> I've toyed for a while now with the idea of running a course, and I've
> decided to see whether anyone else would be interested. The topic I'm
> thinking of is the UNIX filesystem, and the various fun things that can be
> done with it.
> The course would be aimed at moderately able beginners. Prerequisites would
> be:
> *	a working knowlege of the shell
> *	a working UNIX box on which you have root access
> The course would (try to) be accesssible to someone with no idea of how the
> filesystem is put together, teaching the concepts behind it, how to mount
> things, how to use /etc/fstab, taking in NFS and SMB, loopback, chroot
> jails, right the way up to Funky Complicated Stuff like the automounter
> (which I confess I've never got the hang of) and ramdisks.
> So - what's your reaction? Would you be interested in all of it? Part of
> it? Which bits? More experienced people - is there anything in particular
> you reckon I ought to include if anyone shows any interest?
> Meredydd
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