[Techtalk] wireless ifcfg-eth1 file being overwritten?

cjereme at ucla.edu cjereme at ucla.edu
Fri Jun 27 06:20:22 EST 2003


This is my first posting in the list, I hope people don't think these
wireless questions are obnoxious for a first time post :)

Been working on wireless in rh 9 for a while and I'm getting a little
I have an IBM t40 laptop that has one of those onboard mini PCI cisco
aironet that uses the mpi350 module. I configure the eth1-leap config file,
the ifcfg-eth1  file in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, but it seems to
be overwritten (or removed) everytime I restart my pc. I got wireless when I
first started working on it, then it over the next couple of days I have to
redo everything to get wireless working. Now, it just gets activated in the
network configuration but I could not get a connection (be able to ping).

Any hints why linux removes the ifcfg-eth1 file?

I suspect its because I use it at home, where leap is not available. Anyone
can confirm this?

Also, does anyone know if I can add ethernet adapters to the list in the
network-configuration gui when I am trying to add a new hardware? I would 
like to be able to go > new device - wireless > ... > ethernet adapter -
mpi350 (but its not in the list)

Thanks everyone,


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