[Techtalk] Lossless repartitioning

Tracey Grrl Geek grrliegeek at elenari.net
Thu Jun 26 15:23:42 EST 2003

There is a person in our LUG here (Austin, TX) who has created a Perl
script that does backups which can be used for lossless repartioning.
It's called  MKBKUP. Of course, you have to have another disk to back up
the desired data to if you want to use it.


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And it was said by Eeva Järvinen-->

> I suppose you don't have any reasonable means of backing up your
> /home?  Network?  Or just save the really really important files to
> diskettes (yeah, I know, it's horrible) and do this repartitioning
> thing, because this problem is not really distro-specific; if you
> switch to Debian (or Mandrake, or Slackware, or anything), the
> installer will very probably nuke your root partition.  If the
> installer doesn't do that, you probably end up with a broken system
> (like I did with my upgrade).
> Wish there was a better way of doing this, but I don't know one.

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