[Techtalk] RH9: pah. Gentoo?

Conni ccovingt at one-eyed-alien.net
Wed Jun 25 11:45:06 EST 2003

I have officially given up on getting RH9 to work.  A friend suggested
gentoo, so I checked it out and decided to give it a whirl.

(BTB, I really hope I don't have to reformat my laptop, because there's
currently no connectivity and I can't get anything off.)

Anyway.  I burned a gentoo CD, and the stupid thing won't boot.  It won't
boot on my vaio or on my 5-yr-old Gateway.  So now I wonder if the CD
isn't somehow messed up.  My friend who suggested Gentoo said he didn't
get it to boot the first time, either, but I've tried like 30 times

I'll see if getting my husband to burn me a CD at work will fix it, in the
event that I made a bad burn on his iMac.  If not, I'm considering trying
the use another distro's boot/rescue disk method, which looks horrifically
ugly.  Mainly because the semi-functional kernel I have doesn't recognize
my PCMCIA (/dev/cdrom: invalid block device) or network devices, and I
can't use the 9 installer, because I (like a moron) deleted the 9 isos
from my hard drive.  -_-

(do you like my $1000 paperweight?  it's too small to be a good doorstop.)

I like to live alone, but it's crowded inside sometimes.
    			-Gravity Kills


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