[Techtalk] Open source databases for end-users

Hans Tegnerud hans_tegnerud at chello.se
Fri Jun 20 02:45:58 EST 2003

> Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good open source
> database that's easy for end-users to enter data into?  I'm specifically
> looking to replace Access, but it doesn't need to have all Access
> features (e.g. forms).  It would be good to be able to write reports,
> but I'm not sure how necessary that is either if there's a way to get to
> the data over ODBC from some reporting package.  The important thing is
> that it be easy to enter data into tables similar to the way Access
> works (like a spreadsheet) and to be able to manipulate tables
> relatively easily.

I was looking at the exact same thing yesterday and stumbled over kexi from
the koffice folks:

It seems to be in v0.1 but from the screenshots it looks very promising, and
what does a version number below 1.0 mean in the open source world anyway

I aim to try it out myself so if you do try it let me (us?) know if it suits
your neads.


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