[Techtalk] RAM on RH7.0

illini.engineer at att.net illini.engineer at att.net
Thu Jun 19 19:31:32 EST 2003

> Linda,
> > I remember reading that there is a way to get Linux to recognize the
> > additional memory, but I don't know where I read it.
> Its possible to dictate to the kernel how much memory your machine has.
> If you're using grub as the boot loader, then I cant help you, you'll have
> to ask grub people, but if you're using lilo, then adding the line
> append="mem=160M" 
> and then run 
> lilo
> Should get your RAM recognised. There is of course the possibility of the
> RAM being faulty, and thats why its not being recognised. Does the laptop
> bios recognise the correct amount?
> Hamster

The laptop BIOS does recognize the correct amount.

I added the line above to lilo.conf, saved the file, ran  lilo, then rebooted.
Now Linux won't boot up. Windows98 still boots up fine.

I'm stuck. 

I'll have to wait until I get home to search for my rescue/boot disk to 
put things back to the way they were. I think I have one.

I don't understand why this happened though. Adding the line seemed
very straightforward.

Any ideas?

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