[Techtalk] apache URL "look back"

Almut Behrens almut-behrens at gmx.net
Thu Jun 19 01:34:50 EST 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 06:36:12PM -0400, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> > At 6/17/03 08:55 PM , Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> > >        http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php/class/28
> > >(and yes the URL is right -- if you remove /class/28 you'll see the "base"
> > >file) it doesn't work, but this one:
> > >        http://lang.utoronto.ca/dev/cell.php/class/28
> > >is fine.
> > 
> > (...)
> I don't think this is going the right direction.
> (...)
> http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php <-- this is a file
> http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php/ <-- this gives 404

to me, your previous description sounded like the script would get
called, but doesn't behave as expected in response to the intended
parameters "/class/28".  Now, 404 is a completely different story... :)

Could you post the relevant parts of httpd.conf/.htaccess? (or, in case
of doubt, simply the whole config with comments removed for brevity,
i.e. grep -v "^ *#" httpd.conf)

Are there any useful messages in error_log?  Is "MultiViews" in effect
for the directory in question?
Normally, the "look back" feature is independent of MultiViews, though
both can be used to achieve similar effects.  If you suspect an
interaction with MultiViews: what happens if you disable it?
(side note: MultiViews is neither on by default, nor is it turned on by
"Options All" -- it needs to be enabled explicitly)


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