[Techtalk] apache URL "look back"

Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at xtrinsic.com
Wed Jun 18 18:36:12 EST 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 11:24:53AM -0700, Kai MacTane wrote:
> At 6/17/03 08:55 PM , Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> >        http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php/class/28
> >(and yes the URL is right -- if you remove /class/28 you'll see the "base"
> >file) it doesn't work, but this one:
> >        http://lang.utoronto.ca/dev/cell.php/class/28
> >is fine.
> Couple of thoughts:
> 1) Could your cell.php be having trouble parsing the ~ in the request
>    URI string?
> 2) Could you post the code of the cell.php?
> 3) When I try "View source" on either cell.php page, it freezes my
>    browser (Mozilla 1.2.1 on Win98). Very strange.

I don't think this is going the right direction. (And I'm not sure why you
can't view source on the page--it's fine with firebird (an offspring of
mozilla) on debian, which I would think is less stable than a windows

Try this:
http://xtrinsic.com/geek/articles/acpi.phtml <-- this is a file
http://xtrinsic.com/geek/articles/acpi.phtml/ <-- this gives the same

http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php <-- this is a file
http://megatron.utm.utoronto.ca/~cell/cell.php/ <-- this gives 404

The server is getting confused by the trailing slash on a filename. It
shouldn't. This is the "look back" feature that I'm trying to nail down.
It doesn't actually have anything to do with the PHP programming, as far
as I know. It has to do with the apache configuration.

Maybe this is controlled by Apache's MultiViews?
http://poocs.net/babbling/81/ seems to describe the behaviour that I'm

Emma Jane Hogbin
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