[Techtalk] XP with Linux

Hans Tegnerud hans_tegnerud at chello.se
Mon Jun 16 14:23:45 EST 2003

But, the CD you installed from (and I assume booted from), can't you get
your hands on that one?

Another solution is to download the first RH CD from RedHat or linuxiso.org,
burn it and boot from it. Now that you have access to XP and your burner
that shouldn't be too hard.


> Can rawrite work to CDs though? I don't have floppy drive on the laptop
> that it's installed on.
> At 01:25 AM 6/16/2003 +0200, Hans Tegnerud wrote:
> >I suggest you create an install disk with rawrite from the first RH 9
> >install CD, boot on it and enter rescue mode ('linux rescue' on my RH8
> >
> >Personally I've never had to rescue a machine this way. I usually create
> >boot disk during install and use that to get back into Linux. I've
> >this lesson on Windows machines. :)
> >
> >/Hans

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