[Techtalk] XP with Linux

Deanna Dunker 2xthefun at madbbs.com
Fri Jun 13 11:34:35 EST 2003

Currently I have XP Home and RH9 Coexisting on my laptop.  I have a writeup 
at http://www.metalchick.com/linuxwriteup.htm

I installed windows, then installed RH and yes, I picked GRUB since thats 
what Im used to. I have a fat32 drive shared between the two OS's so both 
can use it. I tried getting it to share NTFS but just couldn't get it 
working right. So FAT32 it is.

BTW - Partition Magic is a god send.  I suggest ya pick up a copy sometime.

But I want XP Pro now, and I dont believe in OS upgrades.  So I'm going to 
have to format that partition of my drive, which includes the master  boot 
record area.  Once I format and install WInXP pro, how do i go about 
loading a boot loader on there?

At 09:47 AM 6/13/2003 -0500, Staci wrote:

>[I recently encountered an overly confident kid on IRC who thought "most 
>people use Grub".
>As far as _I_ know, more people use Lilo, and I've always found it far 
>easier to find a lot of
>people who use Lilo, and every time I look for Grub-users (usually lookin 
>for someone to help
>someone on IRC) I can't find any.
>Aside from it being default in some distributions, are there many Grub 
>users around?  Does
>anyone actually CHOOSE grub, or do they just choose not to change from the 
>default?  ]
>ed, you could do that with lilo, you'd just set RH as your default OS, and 
>set the delay to like
>1-2 seconds, that way if you really wanted XP you'd sit and watch and 
>choose during those 1-2
>seconds, and if you didn't you'd just let it go.
>(I'd also say I found the grub.conf file incomprehensible, and the 
>lilo.conf very simple to edit,
>but I don't want to start a flamewar. ;) )
>Linux can access that file-system, but you may have to rebuild/replace 
>your kernel to get that
>capability.  I _think_ XP uses NTFS.  Last time I looked, you could read 
>that file-system but not
>write to it, thru linux. (okay you CAN, but it's "dangerous", you could 
>lose/corrupt data.)
>Devoted Slacker (slackware user)
>PS since you've been doing your research, you've probably already figured 
>out you don't need
>multiple drives, just multiple partitions. :)
>On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, ed orphan wrote:
> > Is it possible to install both Windows XP and
> > Red Hat 9.0 on the same hard drive and
> > have them boot from GRUB ?
> > I've downloaded the HOWTO files dealing
> > with a Linux and Windows install but they
> > do not cover XP. It's 95/98.
> > I'ver heard that XP has some new file system
> > that Linux can't access. Is this true?
> >    If necessary, I will buy them seperate
> > hard drives, but I still need some
> > advice on how to go about installing
> > these two together on the same computer.
> >    I'd really like to use GRUB as the
> > boot loader because most of the time
> > I won't be needing XP and I can just
> > adjust /etc/grub.conf and it will go away.
> >    The motherboard is an
> > ASUS NVIDIA A7N8X with an
> > Athlon 2500, 1 Gig ram, 80 Gig HD.
> >   Any information or suggestions would
> > be most helpful.  I don't want to mess this up.
> >
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